We’re glad you could make it! We are the Habitat for Humanity at the University of Guelph. Our main function on campus is to raise money to help families in need. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that provides affordable housing to families in need. With the club on campus we send trips internationally in order to help build personally. These trips run over reading week and are really impactful while also being very fun! On this site you can see some of the events going on throughout the year and some pictures from trips we have run!

For more information on getting involved please see the contact us page and send us an email!


ABout Habitat for humanity

Habitat For Humanity is a non-profit organization that mobilizes volunteers and community partners to provide affordable housing and promote home ownership as a means to break the cycle of poverty. We invite all people to join us in building simple, affordable, decent homes in partnership with low-income families. We help families achieve greater stability, and improve overall health, while building equity for their future.

About the campus chapter

The Campus Chapter at the University of Guelph began in 1996. Our goal is to give students an opportunity to put their love into action, to build partnerships with people sharing a common goal, to gain greater awareness of the need for decent and affordable housing, and to deepen their commitment to social action.


Our vision

A world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.

our mission

To mobilize volunteers and community partners in building affordable housing and promoting homeownership as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty.



For general inquiries or if you are interested in volunteering please, give us a shout!  – habitat@uoguelph.ca

We are pretty good at responding to messages on Facebook too. Visit our page using the link below!